Safety education and resources for cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians

Bike Elkhart Bicycle Lighting Safety Campaign

Help us provide light sets for lower income cyclists whose bicycle is their primary form of transportation. See our Membership page for more information on how you can help.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Guide

The Michiana Area Council of Governments (MACOG) has published a bike and pedestrian safety guide. It is available for free by clicking here.

Local Ordinances

City of Elkhart Code of Ordinances pertaining to bicycles, including Required Passing Distance (i.e. the “Three Foot Rule”)

General Cycling Tips:

1. Always Wear Your Helmet – Be sure it covers your forehead and fits properly. Helmets are for all ages – set a good example to others by wearing your bicycle helmet every time you ride.

2. Ride on the Right – Always ride with traffic.

3. Obey All Traffic Laws – Stop at stop signs and stop lights and obey one-way streets.

4. Signal and Look before turning

5. Ride in a Predictable Manner – Ride in a straight line. Don’t swerve between parked cars.

6. Use Head and Tail Lights at Night – Reflectors are not enough.

7. Keep Your Bike in Good Repair – Have it tuned up by a professional bike mechanic regularly.

8. Yield to Pedestrians – Pedestrians have the right of way.

9. Ride Defensively – Follow the rules of the road. In Indiana, the bicycle is a vehicle and has all the rights and responsibilities of other vehicles. This means stopping at stop signs and stoplights, riding on the right side of the road, and signaling for turns.

10. Drink before you’re thirsty, eat before you’re hungry – Take along plenty of water. Use sports drinks for longer rides. Snacks to take along include cereal bars, cookies, fig bars, and fruit (bananas, apples are best).

11. Carry these Items – Identification, money (for ice cream or other goodies along the ride), tools, spare inner tube, bicycle pump. There are many different bags that you can attach to your bike that could carry what you’ll need for the day.

12. Bike Smart – Plan a Ride less than 10 miles when riding with small children, those who haven’t bicycled very much or if the terrain is challenging. Plan stops along the route or have a destination in mind for the ride.

Safe Cycling for Children

Because there are so many great reasons to ride your bike – it offers fun, freedom, exercise, and its good for the environment- we want kids and families to ride their bikes as much as possible. Visit Safe Kids website for safe cycling information for children.

Specific Strategies for safe cycling

Working Toward a Safe and Friendly Bicycling Community